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AWP training Other Languages

AWP training is training that teaches people how to operate AWPs safely and efficiently. During the training, participants learn how to safely operate the aerial work platform, how to protect themselves and others,The training is aimed specifically at using aerial work platforms in professional environments, such as construction sites, factories and other workplaces where height is an issue.

After completing the AWP training, participants receive a certificate demonstrating that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to work safely with AWPs. This can come in handy when obtaining a job or maintaining a current position that requires the use of aerial work platforms. In addition, employers can be confident that their employees are properly trained and working safely and efficiently with aerial work platforms, which can help prevent workplace accidents and increase productivity.

The price and availability for this training is based upon request. Contact us for more details. Or register directly using the button below.


For whom is this program?

The training is specifically focused on the use of AWPs in professional environments, such as warehouses, factories and logistics centers.

The AWP training Dutch in brief

  • Start: Every Saturday
  • Price: € 275 excluding VAT
  • Duration: 1 full day
  • Location: Training center Brabant (or on location)
  • Language: Upon request

Why the AWP training at Trainingscentrum Brabant?

  • We offer a state-of-the-art location, including latest technology and great accessibility;
  • With our trainers’ experience you will succesfully pass the exam;
  • All our trainings are available in multiple languages;
  • In all our one-day programs, lunch is included;
  • You can take the exam in your preferred language;
  • 98% success rate on the first day.

How will you apply our training and exam in your professional activity?

AWP training is designed for people who already have experience driving AWPs or for people who are working with AWPs for the first time. It is important that participants successfully complete the training so that they are aware of the risks of working with AWPs and can follow proper safety procedures to avoid accidents.