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BHV Engels

Company emergency response stands for the organized emergency response in a company or institution. This so-called ‘FAFS organization’ consists of one or more trained and practiced employees who come into action during an incident in the company, such as a fire or an accident.
The number of in-house emergency response officers is not fixed, but it is mandatory that there is an in-house emergency response officer for every 1 employee. Often you will ensure that at least two employees are trained.
In this way there is always a company emergency worker who can prevent casualties and limit the damage within the Company/Institution.

In the case of an incident in a company the BHV officer can assist until the ambulance, fire department or police arrive on the scene.

Not sure under what circumstances you need a BHV? Please contact us.

De prijs en beschikbaarheid voor deze training is op aanvraag. Neem contact met ons op voor meer details. Of meld je direct aan via onderstaande knop.


For whom is this program?

A BHV diploma is intended for everyone who wants to learn how to act during emergency situations. In this course you’ll learn how to apply first aid for accidents, how to evacuate a building efficiently and how to act in case of fire.

The B-VCA English program in short

  • Start: Upon request
  • Price: € 225 excl. VAT
  • Duration:  1 full day
  • Location: Trainingscentrum Brabant (or in company)
  • Language of instruction:  English

Why the BHV program at Trainingscentrum Brabant?

  • We offer a state-of-the-art location, including latest technology and great accessibility;
  • Price is including a digital certificate and a BHV card (valid for 1 year)
  • All our trainings are available in multiple languages;
  • In all our one-day programs, lunch is included;
  • You can do the course in your preferred language;

How will you apply our training in your professional activity?

The duties of the BHV officers include:

  • First aid in the case of accidents.
  • Limiting and fighting fires.
  • Limiting the consequences of accidents.
  • Raising the alarm and evacuating all employees and other persons present in emergencies (article 15 paragraph 2 Working Conditions Act).